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Thank you for stopping in!

Bringing you thoughts on life,

love and happiness.

These pages are filled with spiritual

guidance and inspiration.

The gift of the flesh

we dwell in allows us

to remember the community of spirit

from which we came.

Love your brothers and sisters

in life.

And we are all

brothers and sisters..

We have great products made with essential oils and all natural ingredients! Herbs & Such offers lotions, creams, soaps, comfort aids, and comforting accessories.

All body products (except soaps) are natural and free of chemicals, alcohol and artificial fragrances.

Many of the ingredients are organic and/or will be organic in the future. My goal is to utilize 100% organic ingredients and where possible utilizing organic fair trade ingredients.

Vitamins and minerals in my body products are naturally occuring within the ingredients themselves and are not additives.

Glycerin soaps are SLS/SLES free, shampoo soaps are SLS free.

All products are available with or without colorant.

Product Offerings

Buggit Insect Repellent  * Essential Oils  * Fragrance Oils  * Ointments and creams

Spa Day Bath Salts  * Toilet Sprays  * Unique Creations  * Tarot Readings  * Client Feedback


Each our own unique jewel

that we must hone from the rock

we are embedded in

and buffed till we shine.

We ourselves are the only person

held accountable

for our joy or pain..

Coming soon!!

Back Buddy

Global Unity

We're growing by leaps and bounds! Thank you for your business!!





Product Offerings

Buggit Insect Repellent  * Essential Oils  * Fragrance Oils  * Ointments and creams

Spa Day Bath Salts  * Toilet Sprays  * Unique Creations  * Tarot Readings  * Client Feedback


Home *  Events  *  Masterpiece  *  Product Offerings  *  Tarot Readings

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