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It all started with my own pain! Who would have thought pain could inspire but it did.

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Like many others, I don't care for life on medications. So, solutions had to be grown, harvested, created!

Natural body creams and lotions

Buggit insect repellent


A very small portion of my products are carefully crafted utilizing verified safe ingredients.

Select chemical creations

Just in time for Summer! Insect repelling products!

Choose your protection! Don't let bugs ruin your summer enjoyment!

Herbs & Such offers soap, spray and itch relieving products!

Herbs & Such Camping Soap

My Happy Feet™ Cream can make your feet happy!

With no water, no chemicals, a blending of Organic butters plus Natural and Essential Oils, My Happy Feet softens, refreshes and just makes your feet happy! Its wonderful combination of oils provide natural emollients, moisturizers, natural vitamins A, B and E, anti-oxidants, Omega 3 and 6.

Additionally, My Happy Feet Cream contains Organic Borage oil and Cajeput Essential Oil. These two oils are known for their irritation reducing qualities. Added to further pamper your feet.

It costs less than a penny per toe to make your feet Happy Feet!

My Happy Feet

Premium Organics™ Cocoa butter and Hemp Soap
body love!

Fragrance free, chemical additive free, 100% Pure Soap made with 100% organic oils. Your skin type doesn't matter! This soap is going to love it regardless.

Cocoa butter soap