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Rev. Daniel Chabot - The Shadow Walker

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Control vs Command (* introduction paragraph edited only for audience shift)

Author: Akuramatu

Channeled by: Rev. Daniel Chabot - The Shadow Walker

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This post is in response to some comments about commanding God. We feel it would be to your benefit if we elaborate on this statement: "only i feel like i should not command God b/c he is the all mighty and who am i?" This statement describes how millions of you believe about your creator and about yourselves. *

Please allow us to first explain control vs command, then we will explain why it is your birthright to command THE ALL THAT IS to give you the life you want....but there are rules you must follow!

Control always has and always will come from a place of fear and lack. The person trying to control a person or situation is attempting to do so because they';re afraid. Afraid their secret will be uncovered, afraid they'll lose, afraid they'll win, afraid they're not good enough. This makes a good segway on lack. Anyone who is fighting to gain or keep control is doing so because they believe there's a lack somewhere in their life. Your ex German leader Hitler is a great example of control. His followers followed him out of fear, the fear of what would happen to them if they didn't obey Hitler, correct? Hitler wanted world domination and creation of a perfect humanoid out of fear the one he believed to be inferior would dominate. So in his perspective he believed he was a kind man using his position of power to help humanity better itself, he used violence out of fear others wouldn't see things his way. We all know how that ended now don't we?

Command comes from a place of love and knowledge, not belief dear friends, but knowledge, of one's greatness. This has been proven more effective many times in the course of your history. Why didn't Hitler take over Britain? Because Winston Churchill knew his greatness and was fearless! Ok, you called him a cocky old fellow, but we assure you he knew how to command energy to his desired outcome. Ghandi, a single poor man, took down the entire British empire's political system without weapons. He starved himself until they'd pay attention. Why would he do such a drastic thing to his own body? Didn't he care about his life and health? The answer is he did it because he knew his greatness, he knew he was so much more than flesh on bone. He was aware of his omnipotence, he and God were no different. So by knowing this and believing it with every cell of his body, he freed himself from fear of the pain that would come with starvation. By knowing his greatness he knew he'd survive.

What about commanding God? We want to remind you of who you are and where you came from. Many of your prophets have already taught you all of this. Nothing we share with you is new to your world. THE ALL THAT IS split itself into billions of particles, let's call them slivers. Each sliver (you) is whole and exact replica of THE ALL THAT IS yet separate from its source. Your scripture says: "God created man in his image", what did you think that meant? Let us clarify, THE ALL THAT IS is located at the 32nd dimension of reality where all dimensions equal 32. What you consider "hell" are dimensions 1 and 2 where entities are farthest from source (32nd dimension). Entities in there are too weak to carry a full humanoid or animal body, absence of light warps these darkened beings. They can still choose to get closer to the light by going into the 3rd. There is a set of special beings that are not guides like us nor angels, nor first race, the wingmakers of the lyricus order, creators of intelligent life. They exist to keep the duality alive and well on your planet. Some refer to them as "the group of twelve".

The place you call heaven is the 4th dimension or "ultra world" as we call it. Then the 5th dimension is home to us guides who have taken more training to understand human behaviour. Dimensions 7 & 8 are where we the Sphinx people and the short and tall greys live. You have difficulty accepting beings of the same DNA with slightly different coloured epidemis, you'r far from ready to be accepting of living in harmony with beings from other planets.

Keeping what we've just explained in mind. Why would you see yourself as anything less than god if you came and are a part of God? Believing that you shouldn't think such a thing comes from a place where you believe you are less than rather than equal to. Commanding God is like having your "cloud" (God) and a tablet (you), both are yours, you own both so would you say "oh no i can't download that picture my tablet's not good enough for that file" only in situations where it were true but 95% no.

Do you see now why you should not feel it is wrong to command us (your guides) and THE ALL THAT IS to give you want you want? How do you command THE ALL THAT IS? Say I AM, I HAVE not I WANT - Akuramatu

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Rev. Daniel Chabot - The Shadow Walker

4 Laws of Creation /  A Guide's Demise  /  Arch Angels and their Assistance Specialty

Control vs Command  /  Improve Your Psychic Communications

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