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Guru Bubba McLovin (aka Christopher Wons)

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Death as a Natural Part of Life


Guru Bubba McLovin (aka Christopher Wons)

Since the beginning of time death has always been something that we humans have undoubtedly feared above everything else and it most likely stems from the uncertainty of what is waiting for us when our time comes. Every civilization, religious belief and philosophy has their own ideas or theories about death, yet even with the promise of some sort of promised land, higher realm of consciousness or even the promise of being reborn very few humans are still able to accept death as a natural part of life. In the back of our minds we all know that one day our physical bodies will become so weak, that they will eventually succumb and our time in this life will end. Now most of us refuse to think about this fact because we are hopeful that it will not happen for a very long time, but what is this dismissive attitude really doing to us mentally and emotionally? We especially do not want to consider or even contemplate the death of the ones we hold dearest to our hearts, but why? Are they supposed to be exempt from dying? Are they supposed to out live us so that we never have to feel the pain and anguish of losing them?

I believe that the dreaded ego mind plays a huge roll in keeping us stubborn when it comes to death. Our ego convinces us that we have enough time, that life is supposed to play out the way we want it to and that putting things off till tomorrow is acceptable because death is only supposed to take the old and the sick. People dying in car accidents and from heart attacks only happens to others and the family and friends of others, why should I think about that kind of stuff? But the truth of the matter is that the longer we ignore the inevitable, the more we will be blind sided by heart breaking sorrow and pain every time we lose a loved one. We must finally learn to come to grips with death, we must accept it as the next act in the play that we are all starring in. Once we finally recognize the mortality that all living things are connected by, we can finally let go of unrealistic expectations and the illusion of a guaranteed tomorrow. We can finally start living in the present, seizing the moment to express our Love and gratitude for all that we care about. We can start letting go of the past and live every moment as if it were our last. If we spend every minute of every day being happy and content, then no matter when your time comes, you will have lived a life worth living.

But when the time comes, what do you think happens? I believe that when anyone passes on the energy that was being stored in their bodies is released back into the universe, but before it goes I believe that it travels around and flows through the bodies of all those who it loved and cared for. The energy of the departed mixes with and even leaves a little bit of itself in the energy of the others. This is why we are able to always feel the person with us, whenever we think about or remember them. Now that is just my rendition of what death is, but no one can be certain who is right and who is wrong. the only thing we can all agree on is that death is inevitable, but truly living your life to it's fullest is completely optional. Chose to live and chose to Love as much as you can while you can. Blessings and Love to you all my brothers and sisters.

Namaste _/|\_

"~ Guru Bubba McLovin (aka Christopher Wons)


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Guru Bubba McLovin (aka Christopher Wons)

Compassion / Educate Children / Keep Your Light Shining / Live a Meaning Full Life / On Death / Societal Leaders

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